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Thomas Bleiner

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Nikola Tesla



At the end of 1998 invited by the chairman of Lamborghini Automobili S.p.A. to join the factory in Sant'Agata Bolognese and work on the marine engines business development for commercial yachting applications.

Has been a professional racing driver since 2000 in different championships for several years: F3, F3000, Porsche Super Cup and GT. On the racing track he had the intuition for a new patent (owns 39 International Granted patents): a laser system developed for cars, which avoids rear end collisions in adverse visibility conditions (rain, fog, snow dust) and enables laser generated front light to draw designs on the tarmac and become more directional and efficient.

Held a speech at the Global Road Safety, United Nations, in New York on the 15th April 2004.

Collaborates with several worldwide Organizations, such as the “task force”, “CDC” (Center for Disease Control) still involved with the UN Mission for road safety.

In 2005 founded Astron-Fiamm Safety S.p.A., a joint venture with FIAMM S.p.A., Eontech S.A. and Generali Horizon S.p.A. for the production and the distribution of his anti-crash laser system.

Audi presented in 2013 the laser at the CES in Las Vegas.

During the research for alternative lights and inspired by the properties of the laser, Astron-Fiamm Safety S.p.A. developed a new concept of OLED suitable for Automotive use.

Due to the past encounters in the Hi-Technology environment, since 2018 has developed technologies in the clean energy production field:

  • HP (Heat & Power): new heating solution based on hydrogen.

  • Hydrogas: oxyhydrogen that produces Hydrogen on demand.

thanks to the personal experience and contacts with the Formula One world and the past racing activities he has maintained a preferential relationship with numerous powerful industries as well as with commercial international organizations.

Has patented a new methodology to reinforce with Nano Technologies the natural fibers like the ones obtained from Hemp to be used in Automotive to replace carbon fiber.

In December 2019 joins ED Design in Rivoli-Turin as Head of Innovation.

In April 2020 launches the TORQ Grand Prix Championship with a hydrogas powered Trivalent Engine with a totally new concept and design.

In 2021 starts the company Innovamus S.A. for the pre-production phase of the new hydrogas (hydrogen/Oxygen) reactor.

In 2023 signs a co-development agreement for large scale production of the new generation heating, cooling and co-generation system with strategic partner.

Since then, he has formed a team of individuals dedicated to producing cutting-edge energy generation solutions utilizing hydrogen and e-fuels.

The launch of a revolutionary new electricity production system, boasting reduced costs and closed CO2 cycle efficiency, is planned for 2024.


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