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Passionate Developments

The developments that are ongoing are the fruit of a deep passionate work and personal reserch that has allowed me to encounter fantastic persons that are part of the team today.

A Team that will contribute to empower our future.

Unlimited discoveries and endless applications to understand matter

Through my work, I came across Cymatics while trying to understand a specific behavior of laser light.

This discovery has truly transformed my life, perspective, and perception of things. It has expanded my mind to the point where everything I have felt since childhood now makes sense.


The universe is governed by laws that we are only beginning to comprehend, and it is a beautiful process that leads to incredible wonders. Every revelation in this field opens the door to endless applications that have the potential to improve our surroundings.


Embracing this understanding and incorporating it into new products will lead us towards a fascinating future.

Credits: Nigel Stanford

From Idea to Product

Insidesign Studio is an engineering and design studio based in Borgo San Dalmazzo, Cuneo Piedmont (Italy) and is developing tailor-made prototyping and pre production solutions for the group of companies that are collaborating with the Ingem Group S.A. that is developing the quantum Batteries Project and with all his affiliated companies as well as customers and suppliers, with the aim to facilitate the total integration and collaboration process within the companies of the group.


Insidesign Studio has for mission to reach the prototype phase and the pre-production phase in order to determine the best solution to launch on a large scale the industrial production of the developed product.

This involves enegeneering skills, 3D modeling and other competences that are necessary to go from the idea to the final product.


Insidesign is specialized in the total management of the product development in order to reach as fast as possible the customers request.

Credits: Nigel Stanford

Water Electrolyzer.jpg

A new generation of Race Cars

We have developed a new generation of  RACE CARS.

The car chassis is built in Hemp Fiber to replace Carbon in order to have less environmental impact.

The design of the interior of the cockpit is built with new generations of reinforced material studied by the most talented automotive crash test experts.

The  windshield of the car is made with special Nano Boron reinforced particles and his protecting the driver completely.

The new racecar will have two fuel tank to be used during the race.

The First will be to host the “on demand fuel system and tank” to generate the HYDROGEN.

The second will be to host the second fuel that will be used during the race.

The second fuel is used in order to prove that we have built a trivalent engine that can run on 3 alternative green fuels (Methanol, Ethanol, +new generation of synthetic fuels).

In addition we plan to install a new generation of batteries on the car that will enable the drivers to race on 24h races mixing continuously race track circuit and mud races.

A new suspension with be installed in order to race in mud races mode or circuit mode.

The all suspension will changed during the pit stop and will change totally car setup.

A real challenge for the engineers.

The car was presented at the Geneva Motor-show but the project has being totally revised for a new and spectacular racing concept.



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